Abus Granit Futura Mini

ABUS, the official lock partner of WILA is sponsoring with two awesome Granit locks. The Steel-O-Flex 1000 and U-Lock Futura 64. ABUS, a German lock manufacturer founded in 1924 by August Bremicker has designed their Granit lock range in accordance with Swedish insurance specifications. 

A leader in security throughout the world. At ABUS, the name Steel-O-Flex stands for cable locks with high flexibility and double security. The steel cable is covered in overlapping shells made of toughened steel, like scale armor. As a result, it’s resistance it has become a very popular lock among U.K. bike messengers. The Steel-O-Flex is available in ABUS-Level-System 10.  This lock offers great security and flexibility. We got one at Orange 20 which we loan out to customers that come to the shop and don’t have a lock to lock up their bike on the rack. Everyone loves the lock.

  ABUS Futura Granit, coming in under 700 grams it is about 5 ounces lighter than the Krypto mini evo. and small enough to fit into the back pocket of your jeans. It can beat any hardened thief. The Futura mini offers ABUS-Level-System 11 for security, it is resistant to cable cutters, ice spray and saws. I run around with two, one in each back pocket and no worries in my mind. One locks my bike locked to any fixed item or bike rack and the other locks my front wheel to the frame.

LABMA is proud to give a way these two ABUS locks to the winners of Westside Invite. You can visit the ABUS booth on Saturday November 10th. 10am during our U-Lock Mob hosted breakfast at Angels Point and check out their line up of locks.


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