The Vagina Monocogs & Rebel without a Cog, September 7th & 8th 2012, Seattle WA


Hello Los Angeles,
Seattle is organizing two races on September 7th & 8th.
The Rebel without a Cog and
The Vagina Monocogs.

The winners of each will receive entry fee and travel moneys to the Westside Invite 2012 in LA.

The Rebel without a Cog is a Three event Alleycat Omnium.
There will be two alleycats and a circut race over the course of two days.
You can only come out and play if you are riding a fixed gear.
It doesn’t matter if your bike is beat down butt ugly or a shinny stallion with new thompson shit.
I don’t care if you have a brake because you suck, or if you have a brake to be safe, or if you have a brake to go fast.
I don’t care if you ride brake-less you reckless fucks.
Any and all fixed gear bikes will be accepted.

Go to this map.

HQ is where the Events will start on Saturday the 8th.


Friday September 7th – Prologue Alleycat.
Start Location: TBD
Registration: 6pm
Alleycat start: 7:15pm
Finish Location: TBD

Saturday September 8th – North, Hill & South run Alleycat.
Start Location: HQ
Late Registration: 12pm
Alleycat start: 2pm
Finish Location: HQ

Saturday September 8th – Circut Race.
Start Location: Ruby Chow park
Circut Start: TBA
Finish Location: Ruby Chow park
Awards Ceramony Location: A bar in Georgetown

The Vagina Monocogs is a two day celebration for ladies and their single speed bikes.
I repeat. This race can be done with a single speed bikes only.
Freewheelin’ or fixed gear or unicycles, it don’t matter.
For those who do not have a single speed, we can convert your geared bike on site with the help of some zip ties.

The Vagina Monocogs is a combination of three different cycling events.
To win the overall prize you must compete in all three events and compile the most points.
Points will be given to riders according to placement and how many minutes you were behind the first finisher.
After each event the overall leader will receive a Neon Green jersey that signifies her lead in the event.
The highest place track bike will receive a Red jersey after each event.
Individual event podium finishers will receive prizes.
The overall leader after all three events will win registration to the Westside Invite in Los Angeles CA, and transportation money to get there.
There will be prizes for all finishers.

Here is how it is going to go.

The Alleycat, will be Friday night and consist of multiple checkpoints that will be revealed at the beginning of the race.

The Time Trial will begin on Saturday around noon, and riders will be let off at two minute intervals.
You must complete each checkpoint in order. Fastest time wins.

The Circuit Race will be street circuit with 4-20 laps depending on the length of the lap.
Work together and chase down the leaders or blow up on a solo attack.


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