A Bike Thief Answers Your Questions on GIZMODO

Summer is here and so are the thieves. Tonight while having dinner with Matt and Carey-Jo, the topic of bike safety and security came up. I gave my two bits, then C.J. tells me about this article she read online where a professional bike thief answers readers questions. I looked up the article. Bellow is part of the interview, but you can clic the pick for full interview. Protect yo self this summer.

Even the best bike lock can’t protect you from a professional bike thief. We learned that ourselves, when even Mario’s amateur ass made short work of the best locks on the market. But we wanted to know how much more of a threat a seasoned pro represents. What tools does he use? What does he do with the bike once he gets it? So we asked.

The other day, we sent out a tweet to the wide world asking for a professional bike thief to contact us. One did. We know nothing about this person, who goes by the handle Cesp. He could be prowling your town. He could be reformed. We didn’t want to spoil the fun for you. So if you’ve got questions, ask away. Cesp will be here for the next hour.

Image by Flickr user Stv, used under Creative Commons License.

Joe Brown 10 days ago SHARE

Hi Cesp, thanks for taking the time to talk to us. I’m sure there are other things you could be doing right now. Like stealing bikes. Let’s not waste any time–I’m dying to know what tool you use most. What is your lock-busting weapon of choice?


Cesp the Bike Thief 10 days ago SHARE

No problem! The most used tool is actually just a simple screwdriver. This doesn’t work on quality locks and most U-locks, but the vast majority of people (at least where I’m from) don’t use those two either way. Most cheap locks can be opened simply by putting a screwdriver on it and smash two or three times as hard as you can. On rare occasions I use bolt cutters, but that’s only when there’s a request for a specific model.


ThomasLagma 10 days ago SHARE

Hi Cesp. When you say, “Most cheap locks can be opened simply by putting a screwdriver on it and smash two or three times as hard as you can”, do you mean, holding the handle of the screwdriver and smashing the main body of the lock itself 2 or 3 times? Or do you use the blade in some capacity? How would you get through a U-Lock?


Cesp the Bike Thief 10 days ago SHARE

You put the blade in the lock where the key normally goes, and you smash on the back. If you got a hammer use that, I usually don’t however so I use rocks 9 out of 10 times. Cheap U-Locks can usually be opened by smashing them to the ground a couple of times, for higher qualities ones you need bolt cutters.


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up2l8 10 days ago SHARE

Replying to tweets asking for thieves to contact them is probably one of them.


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Mario Aguilar 10 days ago SHARE

I’m the Gizmodo lock tester. I’ve got a bike I love, and I basically never lock it up outside. Recently, I’ve taken to using two locks on my bike when I absolutely have to leave it out for a few hours. Does that help?


Clic on pic for full interview:


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