Meet the Real Rydaz – mostly from South Central L.A

They are no ordinary bicycle club, they have embraced cycling as a recreation and a way of life. In this episode of Subculture Club we demystify what it means to be rolling deep in the hood with tricked out bikes and a positive attitude. Take a bike ride with Thrash Lab and the Real Rydaz crew – from Exposition Park (Downtown L.A.) to Venice Beach (West L.A.) and learn about the mission of the Real Rydaz and how this club has changed the lives of so many individuals.

You can find the club of Real Rydaz at Exposition Park on Saturdays or riding in parades on special occasions. Watch them represent their club –

Special thanks to the Real Rydaz featured in this episode – Marilyn Dwellingham, Mr. P., Rodney L Edwards, Montae Warren, Shuntain S. Thomas, William Holloway, Tyrone Williams, Charles Stanley, Wealon Moody, Boris Love, Helen Myers, Lil Mike, Henry Jackson, Floyd L. Scott, Warren G. Moore

Featured music by Mozart ‘Alla Turca from Piano Sonata in A-Major’

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